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Music Show Wedding - Korean Tourism Organization

7.15 pm. I'm in Hongik University subway station. It’s so crowded that I have to queue for the exit. Had a lousy day at work. Doesn't happen often, but if it does it’s bad. It’s raining on top of that. And that’s not all yet. Picture that. I am waiting on a red light, about 5 minutes from Hong Dae Wedding theatre which is my destination today. I see two guys holding a limp body. It’s a girl (too much Soju?) Suddenly the girl's life flashed before her eyes.Maybe not all her life but last meal for sure,  and guess what? Some of it landed on the tip of my right, black, new Anna Klein shoe. I swear I would have pushed her onto the traffic if the lights wouldn't change for green. I quickly cleaned my shoe and headed off towards the theatre.

I have finally got there and I don’t have to mention I was not in the best mood ever.
If you have the smallest knowledge about Korean non-verbal performances you probably heard about NANTA and shows like Cookin’ or Wedding. Today I have decided to see the second one.  Well, only a few weeks ago I had a pleasure to attend Traditional Korean Wedding, so I thought I may see more modern version of it.

I had a quick coffee and a biscuit in a Wedding Pub just before the show. Nice place to get a quick bite, especially after travelling for hour and a half by bus and subway to get to the venue.  While drinking coffee I saw actors taking photos with audience before entering the show. I took my camera and got one as well, I also got autographs. Just to make  actors feel more famous ;-) At least someone will feel good tonight. I am still thinking about my right shoe;-/                                    
 Mad is not even the word to describe my mood….

There is ‘no photo’ policy during the show, but being myself I found the way for getting few shots. I managed to get my hands on one of the managers and I was supplied with a media kit. All photos were taken during live performances, and are exactly as what I saw; make perfect sense not to blind performers wit your camera flash.

Finished the coffee and took a seat.                                                                                                                                                                          This is my first music show in Korea which is based on a cabaret concept. I really have no idea what to expect. Judging from the K-pop concerts I saw it should be a good show (music is only an addition in this case) but looking at a quite good Korean Jazz stage I should hear some nice sounds as well.  So….. what will it be tonight?

336 seats theatre is 2/3 full. A large number of Koreans, some other Asians, mostly tourists, usual mixture.  Before the show started Power Point Presentation was shown. Information about the show and some rules. Good way to interact with the audience.

Finally, the show starts.

The wedding planner (Kim Kyung Taek – undoubtedly the star in this show) is making a heart shaped balloon and gives it to a girl in a front row. He has great moves I should say. Few clubs in Havana I know of could use him as a compère. He is back few minutes later this time with sax in his hands.  I wasn’t mistaken about his stage abilities. How I long for a Cuba Libre with my favourite cachaca now.
I can hear Mendelsohn’s “Wedding March” and the bride comes on stage from the back of the audience. Groom is waiting for her and...They said YES!
I am a guest at their wedding party now. I think I’ll have fun as hell. By the way….. forgot all about the shoe.

First wedding song and my wedding planner with a sax in his hands is back. Had no Soju and I am already singing. Amazing!

15 minutes in to the show and it's time  for  good, old Rock & Roll. Next is “Loving you” I feel blissfull, well maybe besides brides high tones, but that’s probably part of a script..  That’s followed by nicely performed Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” (those musicians are quite talented, yet young).
Suddenly the power goes off. Is that a problem? Apparently not for them. They start to sing a capella. Maybe it’s not a Manhattan Transfer, but they did it good. I LIKE IT! Next is “ Congratulations” which couldn't be sang better. Oops! I just saw bride’s father underwear ;-), a bit of a shock. But not to worry, recovery is just around the corner, delivered by the bride herself performing “She's got it”.

It’s time for the wedding cake. And yet another surprise. A stripper jumps out of the cake and steals women's hearts with his Elvis Presley moves.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
A good entertainment, that’s all I have to say. And the best is yet to come.                                                                               
“Over the Rainbow” performed on Water Glasses is moving and peaceful. Just when I managed to take a deep breath I was taken back to Havana. Mixture of Buena Vista Social Club and R&R makes me feel like dancing.                                                 
 It’s time for youngsters to take over the dance floor. I hear “Party Rock Anthem” I just danced to it few weeks ago in Karma, Athlone in Ireland!

45 minutes in to the show and I'm dancing in Havana again. Straight from there the music takes me for a K-pop concert, PSY with his Gangnam Style. What a MIX!

Two people are picked from the crowd to come on stage. Poor girl looks rather embarrassed, but the boy shows great moves. I wish I got on stage myself! Those actors are so cute (literally cute, it is the right word to describe them). Oh well, there’s always another show, maybe next time ;-)

The performance has come to an end. It was a good fun! If you wish for a smile on your face (and God knows I needed it today) ‘’Wedding’’ is for you.Song, Seung-hwan the CEO in a PMC Production which produced this show said that company’s mission is to produce [pieces] through [which] people can become happier. They have definitely obtained their vision goal in my case. 
I’ll be back for the Cookin’ show for sure. After all I have over 10 years of an experience in tourism and HORECA and the events side of those. What could be better for me than the combination of those two!? 

I’ll let you know how I found it ;-) Meanwhile bring some smile to your face and see “The Wedding Show”

·Location : HongDae Wedding theater
(HongDae Yellow Stone building B2, B3)
·Time : Mon.~Fri. 20:00
Sat. 17:00, 20:00
Sun. 17:00
- Directions: Hongik Univ. Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 9.
Go straight 150 meters, cross the road, and turn left onto Hongik-ro Street.
Take your first right down a small street and then your first left. Then take your first right and walk for 120 meters to the venue on the left in a large glass building. 

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