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Music Show Drumcat-Korean Tourist Organization.

Saturday 5 pm. Venue: Myungbo Arthall.
The audience is full. I'm sitting in a middle of a third row.
Looking around the room. Mixed nations: mostly  Malaysians, few Japanese, some Koreans and two Americans just two seats away.
The show starts.

There are six women looking like mannequins in a window shop. Looks good, I have to admit, but I haven't come here for a spectacle but for the music. Will I get it? Or will it be just yet another music show ticked?

Just when I thought that drums were uplifted to the centre of the stage. Young Joo makes her entrée and the show begins for good.
It's live, vibrant and passionate. I have tears in my eyes. The last time I have heard such good sounds in a compact space (the theatre is small and feels private) was in early 90's when my father wanted to convince me that not only American and British can play Rock music and we went for a concert of a Polish band called Maanam. I guess these are tears of joy. Strange, as I am not an emotional person and I'm not easily moved, and I have to admit that I am truly touched at the moment by the sound.
Even though the theatre is quite petite the sound is just right. Thumbs up for the sound technicians.

15 minutes into the show. Music becomes heavier.. I LOVE IT! Nice, crisp, dry drums, just the way I like it.
Violin takes over and brings additional dimension to the show. I can hear sounds inspired by Bizets' work followed by a beautiful Csárdás. Amazing combination.

30 minutes into the show One of the girls welcomes audience, presents band members and nicely interacts with the audience.
Just after that two people are selected to go on stage. I am one of them. Why was I picked from the crowd? I guess singing two lines Oh Happy Day got me the honour. God has a twisted sense of humour ( I sing only under the shower, never in public). I have to admit it was awesome! my 10  minutes of fame ;-) I think I have discovered my hidden stage performer's' side ;-)
I went back to my seat.

It's time for electro. The stage is lit with lasers. Girls drum sticks and drums are dressed with led light in different colours. Background echo, nice loop and greatly placed formants create a harmonious total. )

 We are close to an hour. It's time for a good, ole rock. Starts with drummer's solo. Few minutes later more drums and percussions are brought to stage. It spreads a truly Woodstock's' atmosphere in the air. Rest of the band comes on stage.
I'm sold!
Rock smoothly changes to Latino rhythms. This music takes me over. The violin joins.
I'm speechless.

Time for the finale. Beethoven's Ode to joy reminds me of my Alma mater.Nice way to end the performance.

The show has finished.
I would not skip a part of it. Each and every song was placed and played just right. Not too boring not too overloaded with musical peculiarities.
I'll be back here again!

After concert I had asked two American gentlemen what did they think about the show ( after all, different people have different opinions).
George, who lives in Seoul for some time now said " It's my third time here, it says a lot" and it does indeed!
When I asked him for three words to describe the show he said " entertaining, inspiring, professional" - all true to me as well.
Scott's first reaction to the show was as he said "WOW!", short but express perfectly the feeling I had when I heard few first tunes. I'm just not sure was Scott's' WOW more because of the music or the band members, as they are truly beautiful women. Scott appeared to me as real ladies man. In his late 50's but still sharp;-)
Well, my WOW! goes to all of the show components. Music, stage performers personalities, sound technicians, choreography and staging.

I highly recommend this show even if you have only a few hours to spare in Seoul.


Performance Times
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday: 16:00, 20:00
(No performance on Wednesday)
Admission/Participation Fees
R seat: 50,000 won
S seat: 40,000 won
Duration of Performance
80 minutes
Photo and autograph session after the performance (5-10 min).
From Euljiro3-ga Station (Subway Line 2, 3) Exit 8.
Go straight for 1min to arrive at Myungbo Art Hall.
From Chungmuro Station (Subway Line 3, 4) Exit 7.
Go straight for 5min. Myungbo Art Hall is at the next 4-way intersection. 

All the photos were supplied by the shows' manager as there is a strict no photo policy in the theatre.
Photos were taken during live performances, so there's really no difference to what I saw.

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