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KaBOOM! Where the past meets the present
What has gayageum (가야금) traditional Korean instrument to do with trance music? Well…… in Seoul it has and it’s called KaBOOM!
I have spent yesterday’s evening watching the most surprising performance for some time and as I see some space for improvements I have to admit that festivals such Electric ZOO in NY, Sonar Festival in Barcelona or Global Gathering in UK would proudly welcome PID as performers. PID피아이디 (Performance in the Darkness) group of two girls and three guys has been established in 2009. They are energetic, innovative and seem to be very passionate about what they do. World’s top standard trance experience………… unfortunately too short.

I could skip the magician 매직 트렁크 (Magic Trunk) all together to see those guys in action for few more minutes. Nothing personal, I just don’t fancy them, but yet I don’t like clowns either;-)

DIP was not the only surprise during this show. Va Va Voom took the Grand Prix for the most lovely performer. Three ladies gave short but memorable show combining traditional music and instruments with modern beat. Both, songs and instrumentals were decently played, polished and remarkably well presented. If you are not a fan of traditional Korean music (and I have to admit it is hard to understand at first) this is a performance for you, as those three women will make you fall in love with traditional sounds with a modern twist.
Not only music but also the dance and to be specific break-dance (or should I say b-boying) was a part of the show. Morning of Owl모닝 오브 아울 gave quite good performance telling the stories through the dance, mimic and moves. South Korea since 1990’s is probably the world’s capital of the break-dance and this group would not let down any fan of this very hard to perform but so expression full and powerful dance.

Nietzsche once said that “Without music, life would be a mistake”, well……… he was damn right. It is a mistake not to come for this show if you are any close to Seoul and have any feelings for music.

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Małżonka zostala ambasadorem :) 
Koreańskiej kultury w świecie, a oprocz związanych z tym przyjemności, ma też za zadanie opowiadac, gdzie była i co widziała.
Na imprezy zaprasza Koreańska Organizacja Turystyki.

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