czwartek, 1 maja 2014

K-live performance, Korean Tourist Organization.

Last Sunday, according to the plan, I went to see a hologram concert for the first time in my life. If this is how the concerts will look like in 50 years time I think I am glad, that I’ll be six feet under. I still prefer to meet live artists even if the stage is so far that I can see Madonna only on the screen. If on the other hand you are travelling with teenager to Seoul and they like POP buy them  a ticket for this event as there’s probably nothing like it in Europe (at least I haven’t heard of such). 

The venue is located on the 9th floor of the LOTTE FITIN department store. Sending your teenage son or daughter for the concert will give you some quality time with great clothing ;-) There is also a food hall on one of the floors, so you may grab something to eat before the concert. Event itself is just over an hour and it is an interesting way of selling a live concert with not so much live artists ;-) Sounds a little crazy, and yet Koreans managed to combine our reality with Matrix to create one of a kind performance. 

Before performance one may take photo in a limousine with Big Bang band, and individually with other artists “perforning” during the show, all thanks to digital photography. If you are a fan of holograms I recommend Center for the Holographic Arts in Long Island They do hologram performances quite often. Even if theme of those shows is slighty different...

Before the show started, audience gathered outside the door of the theatre where three live dancers performed as a support for the holograms of artists. Once everyone was in a dancing mood we were let in to the theatre where DJ was playing for a few minutes before the first artist, the Big Bang appeared on stage. Boys "sang" few songs and spoke to the audience. Next one was the girls band 2IN1 in the same arranged sequence. Last one was PSY. I have to admit that this guy has such a charisma, that even his hologram performance was better than other two. 


The thing I liked best in relation to Klive concert was a little gallery at the venue called Klive Gallery (take the stairs up, before you reach cafeteria). This place is worth to visit! Designer KUN and his series Messiah made the day! I have seen many interpretations of Da Vinci’s Last Supper but this one took me by surprise. Even if you don’t like pop music and have no attention for going for the concert go for a hot chocolate to the cafeteria (very, very good) and look at the exhibition in the gallery (you don’t need to buy the ticket for that).

Designer KUN Last Supper part of Messiah series
View from the 9th floor
Overall it is an interesting experience to see “live” concert with holograms instead of live artists, but I think I am a bit of an old school  for such an entertainment ;-)

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