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Korean Tourist Organization. "No.1 Drawing Performance The Painters: HERO"

Yet another example that whatever your time span(and age), in Seoul there is always something to do, watch, eat or enjoy. Or all of the above in one go.
Skip the food for now.
We've managed to get our tickets for HERO show booked for last Sunday.
Great coincidence and help, because we planned to participate in annual ceremony in Jongmyo Shrine nearby. It was a only a matter of having a quick bite and we were ready for another cultural, even if not so spiritual as its morning predecessor, performance.

Invitations swapped for tickets, couple escalators up, couple Chinese tourist groups dodged around and we were there.
Four guys, wearing black trousers, vests and fedora hats, all liberally splashed with various paints.

Great show and interaction with the audience at all times,  I was grinning like a Cheshire cat all the way through.
 They started with four frames covered in black canvas, diplayed on sturdy easels. Having fun with us and with each other, constantly mocking, they splashed some paint in seemingly meaningless pattern.
Only when placed in a frame, pictures revealed what it was all about:
Music matched, obviously.
Light scratching.

Dust scratching.

Speed drawing

Light drawing.
All artist performing that night demonstrated various skills, my favourite was their ability to sketch with a piece of charcoal, dancing at the same time.
Then it was time to mock the public yet again. One poor chap was dragged on stage but surprisingly he loved it, his chirping girlfriend probably liked it even more(she stayed on here sit, mind you).
The exercise started with one artist displaying a chart with a symbol to be passed to the person waiting at the easel. All of it with only one person in line actually seeing it, the rest was down to non-verbal communication, so to speak.
At the same time four painters cunningly pushed their on-stage-guest to the front, so he ended up with a paint brush and blank canvas in front of him.. You should have seen his face!

Bulding a picture with Rubik's cubes followed, quickly chased after with spreading paint with tootpicks on the top of water, in big flat fish tank.

I don't even know when the lights went on and the autograph session followed.
                                                         Great fun for adults and kids alike!

How to get there:
- Subway, Jongno3(sam)-ga station, exit 14

Their website:

Two shows a day, every day(365 days)
PM 5:00 / PM 8:00

Reservations +82 (0)2 766 7848+82 (0)2 766 7848 / ticket@thepainters.co.kr

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