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JUMP - Tango with a kick.

The musical comedy Jump is a hilarious, innovative mix of martial arts (including Korea’s traditional military martial arts of taekwondo and taekkyeon) and high-flying, jaw-dropping acrobatic stunts.
That’s how (in general speaking) JUMP show is being described in press releases and people’s comments. My very own husband saw it few months ago and was delighted, it could have had something to do with the fact, that he was picked to go on stage and as far as I know he did such a great job that some people thought he was one of the actors! This time a Russian men with a very limited sense of humour was chosen on a stage, poor lad didn’t look too happy, his wife on the other hand was laughing her head off..  

Even though ‘Jump’ was named the ‘most watched performance’ for two years in a row at the UK’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and has been named Korea’s most representative nonverbal performance I have not found it amusing myself. Others, around me had a great time laughing loudly; and me? Well, I had a good time, but I wouldn’t miss a thing if I wouldn’t see it. If you live in Korea or staying for longer than a sightseeing/ business trip you may spare an afternoon to see it but in case of having just a few days to experience Korea, there are other shows you may like to consider.  If you like theatre MISO is the one to go for, if you prefer music DRUMCATS would be your choice, for someone who likes shows as such NANTA show would be perfect option.

Saying all this remember please, that my feelings about the show are not the only right ones; as mentioned before, most of the audience had a pretty good fun!

The show is divided in to 4 episodes.
Episode1: Clean up. As the family expects a visitor, the house is being cleaned by everyone with the exception of a drunken uncle, who is more of an obstacle than a help. When the guest finally arrives, the head of the family, grandfather wants him to marry his granddaughter. The young man looks rather geekish with large glasses and uncertain smile, but there is a mystery behind him.  

Episode2: Martial art training under the watchful eyes of a grandfather. That is also your chance to become a martial arts master performing on stage.

Episode3: A love story part, actually 2 love stories, one between the young guest and the daughter of the house and the second one between mom and dad. Tango adopted to fit martial arts took me by a surprise, but I really enjoyed this scene in the performance. 

Episode4: Burglars are coming! Two men are trying to rob the house. The family makes sure,that they will never forget that day!

After the performance actors are signing posters in the lobby and you may take a picture with them, so don’t miss your chance if you decided to give it a go.


Kyunghyang Daily News Bldg., 3, Jeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 중구 정동길 3 (정동)

Performance Times
* Monday: 20:00
* Tue-Sat: 16:00, 20:00
* Sunday and Holidays: 15:00, 18:00

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